Welcome to Africa Ahead: The Sustainability Challenge

Welcome to Africa Ahead: The Sustainability Challenge

Welcome to the launch of Africa Ahead: The Sustainability Challenge, a fortnightly newsfeed of unique information to help you manage your environmental, social and governance (ESG) journey.

ESG requirements have never been more needed, as the world faces up to climate change. However, the ESG agenda is also about businesses treating people fairly, whether that is employees, customers or the broader community.

Africa is at the forefront of this, not least because, despite being a lesser contributor to climate change, the continent stands to be heavily impacted.

Developing climate change strategies across Africa must boost resilience, including encouraging a greater take-up of insurance. Africa’s insurance penetration rate sits at 2.8%, compared to a global figure of 6.3%.

The United Nations’ (UN) Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) are a global framework addressing ESG risks and opportunities and have led to the largest collaborative initiative between the UN and the insurance industry.

At the second PSI summit in Africa, it was agreed that signatories must promote insurance as a habit, while improving communication among stakeholders, which is key in driving the sustainability agenda.

To improve that communication, we are launching Africa Ahead: The Sustainability Challenge, as a fortnightly email, brought to you by experienced insurance journalists and aimed at the insurance and risk management sectors.

By subscribing, you will receive a blend of one-to-one interviews, finger-on-the-pulse collated stories and shared experiences. We hope you enjoy receiving this and we welcome your news via: news@afahpublishing.com


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