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Africa-Ahead-masthead_Green-650x139_transparentAfah Publishing Ltd is a publishing house specialising in the delivery of targeted newsletters to niche sectors of global industries. To date, it has focused on the insurance and risk management categories, providing key information, the latest news and analysis through regular newsfeeds and a supporting website, bringing vital intelligence to that community.

We are a hub for case studies and videos, sharing experience and expertise across a well-defined community to build capacity across a region. To do that, we have a team of experienced journalists to source and provide up-to-date news, data, reports and commentary on specific subjects relevant to our readership, supported by expert designers.

Our team is led by:


Liz Booth – Managing Editor, Africa Ahead: the Sustainability Challenge

Email: lbooth@afahpublishing.com

Liz Booth has more than 30 years’ experience as a journalist and editor, working on a mix of consumer and business titles but, for the past decade, has concentrated on the insurance and risk sector. Having grown up in west Africa and then lived in South Africa, she has a lifelong commitment to the continent and a passionate interest in its future success.

Gareth Stokes

Gareth Stokes – Contributing Editor, South Africa

Gareth Stokes is an award-winning financial journalist with more than two decades’ experience writing in the financial advice, insurance and investment disciplines.

Gareth contributes news and opinion pieces to a number of Africa-focused financial publications, most notably Africa Ahead and FAnews. He is also the author of a comprehensive biennial publication covering South Africa’s general insurance sector, currently in its third edition.

Patrick Alushula

Patrick Alushula – Journalist, eastern Africa

Patrick Alushula is a senior business journalist at Standard Group, the oldest private media house in east and central Africa. He has keen interest in financial journalism, insurance, banking, stock market and energy news.

Having been in the newsroom since October 2014, Patrick has interacted with and interviewed key newsmakers in different sectors, and continues to tell stories in an impactful manner. He has also worked at the Nation Media Group’s Business Daily newspaper, specialising in business news.

In 2019, Patrick won the Pan African Journalist of the Year award at the Pan Africa Re/Insurance Journalism Awards organised by Continental Reinsurance. He also won the 2018 Business Journalist of the Year award at Kenya’s Annual Journalism Excellence Awards.

In addition to his extensive experience in journalism, Patrick is also a trained accountant. He holds Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Nairobi and has also pursued Certified Public Accountants (CPA) examinations up to Section V.

Abdou Diaw

Abdou Diaw – Journalist, Francophone Africa

Abdou Diaw is an economic journalist with a Master 2 degree in economics and journalism from the University of Dakar. He has ten years of experience in economic and financial information.

Abdou is the author of the book, Understanding the Terms of Economics and Finance. As part of his professional activities, he has travelled all over the world to cover economic conferences, including the US, Berlin, Moscow, Geneva, Kigali, Johannesburg, Raba, Casablanca and Abidjan.


Prince Cookey – Journalist, west Africa

Prince Cookey is an experienced publisher and CEO, and currently is editor of Business Journal. He has previously worked at The Examiner, The Post Express newspapers, Policy magazine and the Financial Standard newspaper.

Prince attended the University of Lagos, and Lagos Business School.


Les Mitchell – Commercial director, AFAH Publishing

Email: lesmitchell@afahpublishing.com

Les Mitchell brings a wealth of commercial experience to AFAH, having been a director of several household-name companies and running his own businesses for more than a decade. Although not directly related to the publishing sector, Les’s commercial awareness will enhance the AFAH offer while at the same time ensuring commercial considerations steer clear of editorial matters. 

Design and website:

Chris Morrish – Design lead, AFAH Publishing.com

Email: cmorrish@afahpublishing.com

As a sub-editor, production editor, art editor and WordPress developer, Chris Morrish has more than 17 years’ experience in financial publishing with leading organisations including Incisive Media, the Chartered Insurance Institute and FT Business. At AFAH Publishing, Chris is responsible for the design, sub-editing and web production of Africa Ahead: the Sustainability Challenge.

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